EFT Level 1 Grads

For Graduates of EFT Level 1

Welcome to the Vitality Living College EFT family.


Congratulations on completing AAMET approved EFT Level 1, for wellness and relaxation. You now know the basics of EFT and use it effortlessly on yourself as well as with friends and family.

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How to be confident booklet



Free manual on how to feel more confident:

EFT Tapping free audio programs:





After EFT Level 1 the next step is to learn the techniques to:

  • Clear limiting beliefs
  • Resolve past events in a more efficient manner
  • Get to the core issue quickly
  • How to work with real challenges
  • Clear fears and phobias
  • Using private tapping approach
  • Become a Practitioner
  • Feel more healthy, wealthy and vibrant
  • Love what you do and do what you love

These techniques are covered in our AAMET approved courses: