Ambassador Program

Vitality Living College Ambassador Program

Learn, earn and grow together


Benefits to being a local Ambassador are many:

1. Being recognized as the local expert
2. Part of an elite group of practitioners
3. Increased confidence as a practitioner
4. Earn money for any bookings (see below)
5. Enhanced visibility by running free introductions (there is a set format to run EFT, NLP & Journey introductions)
6. Increased client base and earnings

There is an application process to become a local Ambassador. So e-mail me if you feel guided to be part of the Ambassador group and I will send you more information to read and an application form. All applications must be submitted by May 25th.

If you run free introductions to EFT I will announce these via the Vitality Living College database and my team will produce e-poster for you for marketing purposes as well as post on 25 on-line websites including facebook database. It is a partnership opportunity to learn, earn and grow together.

Financial rewards for any bookings:

1. EFT 1 & 2 – Rs 1450 early bird or Rs 1650 full price
2. EFT 1 & 2 & Matrix package – Rs 2800
3. NLP 7 day with breakthrough coaching, timeline technology and hypnosis – Rs 4800 early bird or Rs 6000 full price
4. Journey 3 day Intensive and advanced skills – Rs 1650 early bird or Rs 1950 full price

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