Claustrophobia Gone in 15 Minutes with EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping For Claustrophobia

EFT tapping for claustrophobia

Are you claustrophobic? Does being in an enclosed space make you feel like you are losing control?  

Claustrophobia is the irrational fear of confined spaces. It is one of the most common phobias in the world.  

People with claustrophobia experience anything from mild or severe anxiety to panic attacks when in a crowded or enclosed space.  

Anti-anxiety medications are used to control claustrophobia, but they only reduce the physiological symptoms that come with anxiety and do not treat the root cause. So is there a cure?  

 What if there was something that can help you overcome claustrophobia in 15 minutes?  

 EFT Tapping is that tool. EFT has been clinically proven to be effective on phobias. It works on your emotions and fears, and helps you figure out causes and resolve them.  

Marie Christie, a social worker from Spain, suffered from severe claustrophobia so decided to attend an EFT Training Seminar.  

Marie Christie

Claustrophobia Gone In 15 Minutes

"I overcame my fear of confined spaces and got into a cupboard. I was comfortable with the door being closed after only 15 minutes of EFT at the EFT Training Seminar."

Marie Christie

New to EFT? Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping heals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past-trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.


EFT Tapping for feeling in control to overcome claustrophobia as an alternative therapeutic method is long-lasting and effective. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1

Take A Quick Temperature Check

Identify and explore more about what triggers your claustrophobia, by asking the following questions:

  • What triggers your claustrophobia?
  • What calms you down when you feel like this?
  • Where in the body do you feel this?

Step 2

Identify The Physical Sensations

Identify physical sensations that are associated with your claustrophobia. You can explore them by asking questions such as:

  • How are you feeling?
  • Where in the body do you experience claustrophobia?
  • What is the colour, texture, size, and shape?

Measure the level of feeling claustrophobic by asking: "On a scale of 1 to 10, what number is it at, where 10 is really high and 1 is not high at all." 

Step 3

Start Tapping On The Side Of Your Hand (Karate Chop) 

Tap on The Karate Chop using the setup statement, for example:

“Even though I feel claustrophobic in confined spaces,  and I can feel it in my stomach, it’s at a number 8, blue in colour, and it makes my palms cold, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” 

(Repeat 3 times)

Step 4

Then Tap On The Facial And Upper Body EFT Tapping Points By Saying

Use the identified phrases to tap on the facial, upper body, and finger EFT Tapping Points:

  •  Eyebrow: I am nervous about...
  • Temple: I feel it in my...
  • Under eye: It’s at a number...
  • Under nose: It makes me feel...
  • Chin: It’s in my...at a number...
  • Collarbone: It makes me feel...
  • Under the arm: So...
  • Thumb: So...
  • Index Finger: Anxious because...
  • Middle Finger: I feel it in my...
  • Little finger: So...

Step 5

Complete The Sequence By Tapping On The Side Of Your Hand Again

Close the sequence by coming back to the EFT Karate Chop Tapping Points and repeating the setup statement once: 

“Even though I feel claustrophobic when I'm in confined spaces, and I can feel it in my stomach, it’s at a number 8, blue in colour, and it makes my palms go cold, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Step 6

breathe and relax

Take a gentle breath in and out, and have a sip of water. 

Step 7

Test Yourself

Test the intensity of your claustrophobia. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What number is it at now?
  • What happened?
  • How does it make you feel now?

If the claustrophobia has reduced to a level that you are comfortable with, you can stop and close with positive tapping. If you feel the number could come down a little more, start from the first step once again.

Note: You can also tap on any memories and associated emotions that come up. 

Step 8

Close With Positive Tapping For Overcoming Claustrophobia

Identify positive tapping sequences to close the EFT Tapping for overcoming claustrophobia. 

You can close with the following sequence, 

  • “Even though I have this claustrophobia when I'm in confined spaces,  that was then and this is now, I am open to the possibility of feeling relaxed now.”

Repeat as often as needed and you can stop when you feel relaxed.

How To Self-Heal & Become An EFT Practitioner

Discover how EFT Tapping can help you to self-heal or to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) is clinically proven to lower stress, tension, anxiety, past trauma to enable health, happiness and vitality.

In summary, EFT is a very powerful tool against fear and phobias and to deal with scenarios that diminish your sense of peace and calmness. By using EFT Tapping to reduce tension, promote a deeper mind-body connection, and manage symptoms of anxiety, depression or stress.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is purely for educational purposes and does not in any way replace the requirement for medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment. Please seek professional medical and psychological diagnosis and advice for all medical and mental health conditions. It is advised to always book any consultations with qualified professionals.

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