Can popping pills be potentially harmful? How I stopped unnecessary medication

Can popping pills be potentially harmful? How I stopped unnecessary medication

“Therefore in medicine we ought to know the causes of sickness and health.”– Avicenna

pills-1569173_1920There was a time when I used to run to the pharmacy every time I felt the beginning of a pain or an illness.


Yes I did suffer from the most painful migraine and practically, stayed in bed the entire day heavily drugged, from all the medication I took to lessen the pain. I would be relieved for a few days and then the pain would just come back. Yes I was tired of dealing with pain. If it wasn’t the headache , it would be another part of the body aching.

adult-1867091_1920I just wanted to be free, so I did the best thing I could possibly think of. I took a paracetamol every day irrespective of whether I had pain or not. I didn’t know what the consequences were at that time. After a few years I went for my annual check up and realized that I had type 2 diabetes. On further investigation what came to light was that, the excessive medication had destroyed the beta cells in my liver resulting in diabetes.

Now I had to live with pain and diabetes.


This was my breakthrough moment. I gave up all the pills and started researching about more holistic methods to get rid of the pain and get back my overall health.

What I learnt was that my body was giving me these signals all along and I just chose to ignore it, till it really affected me in a big way.

My personal research led me to find evidence that ‘stress’ was the big killer here, leading to the migraine and other aches and pains all over my body. My emotional health had been tossed out of the window and I was at an all-time low in life.

That is when I was fortunate enough to attend Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner training seminar with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD). I learnt about how EFT helped Dr Choudhuri with her migraine (Look out for Dr Choudhuri’s story).

girl-1561989_1920Needless to say the stress has left me, my bodily aches and pains have not come back since.

In conclusion, physical ailment or disease may manifest as a result of underlying emotional issues. For example:

  • Headaches – Headaches are a sign that there is too much stress in one’s life.
  • Shoulder ache – Shoulder ache’s are a sign of too much responsibility or burden.
  • Hip ache – May be resulting from unresolved issues such as fears, phobias and may be also realated to financial security.
  • Leg/Knee pain – Knee or leg pain is generally related to the fear of progress, or the unknown future.

There are many such ailments that may have a root cause that is totally unexpected. To get to the root cause of what’s been disturbing you, try EFT by downloading a free booklet 

If you do have constant aches and pains learn how you can eliminate the pain with minimum or no medication.

Then your next step would be to attend EFT Trainings are in DelhiMumbai and Bangalore.

Love Donita & Team Vitality


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