Breakthrough Coaching & NLP Practitioner Assist Team Briefing

It is an honour to have you join as a member of the assist team. 

Assisting is a fulfilling experience where you get to serve others in their transformation as well as refresh your skills and learn the latest teachings.

It's like being in a state of deep reverence, humility and awe of everything that transpires. 

As a member of the assist team you will be representing Vitality Living College, its mission, values and ethics. So in summary we are committed to:

Transforming lives through emotional well-being, coaching and spiritual growth seminars and trainings.

10,000 people trained

200 seminars facilitated

44 countries represented

Our values are:






There are various different roles at the EFT Training Seminar:

  • Head trainer - Oversee inside and outside the whole event
  • Soundie - Leads all sound/AV requirements and stage manages event
  • Logistics - Provides on time food, refreshments and venue cleans room
  • Registration - Welcomes and registers with water and badges, collects payment on Day 1 and badges at the end of the day
  • Sacred Space - Keeps room and outside areas fresh with stage set up
  • Embrace - Organises chairs and welcomes/ushers delegates
  • Signage - Places signage up at the right places
  • Paperwork - Paperwork and items provided swiftly and silently
  • Videos/ Photos - Video/Photos taken, along with group photo and posted on social
  • Trainer PA - PA provides the trainer with water, food, shawl on stage / sound desk
  • VLC Contact - VLC Co-ordinator completes all documentation for the event
  • Timekeeper - Timekeeper is the soundie that all flows on time
  • Flowers - Flowers re-set and fresh daily
  • Mike Runner - Blends in with room and aligns with trainer
  • Demo Mic - Placed on the delegate within rapport
  • Scribe - Radiates love and calm from stage and silently scribes
  • Temperature - Temperature monitored at a slight chill yet not too cold
  • Projector - Projector switched on in the morning and covered as needed or switched off when not in use
  • Lights - Lights synchronises switching on and off lights as needed by Soundie
  • Oversee process - Oversee processes, split up into sections and keep attention in time for Trainer
  • Next Seminar - Next seminars team collect bookings for next seminars, swaps and enquiries

Before you join as an Assist Team download and read the Breakthrough NLP Assist Team Manual which has more detailed information about each role and the Do's and Dont's of assisting.