Welcome to Abundance On-line. This program is only for those who have signed unto either the Journey Personal Development Program or the Journey Practitioner Track. 

For those on the Practitioner Track, the live in person Abundance will have to be completing before  submitting case studies. Every Week we will load new audio programs and the first set has to be completed before the next set of audios are released.

Please find a private space where you can complete these audio.

You will need a water, tissues, pen and paper.


In these audios there is a welcome message, plus a meditation culminating in uncovering your intention for the Abundance Seminar. It's best to say your intention out loud, even if you are completing the seminar on your own.

1. Welcome by Brandon Bays  

2. Meditation  & Intention Setting

3. Expanding Awareness 


There are 3 phases of Abundance. The first phase is attracting abundance, the second phase is flourishing and growing abundance and the third is letting go of abundance. We will work through each phase one by one, uncovering silent sabotage in each of these phase. 


In these audios we will get started with uncovering the silent sabotage. You will need to fill in the Old Belief worksheet (below) and e-mail to rangana@vitalitylivingcollege.info by 21st November and then the next set of audios will be released along with a zoom call with Dr Rangana. 

1. How Abundance Work Was Born?  

In the audio how abundance work was born, Brandon will refer will get started with the section of attracting abundance which is the first phase of the abundance process.

2. Manifesting Abundance Question 1   

She will refer to Question 1, 

‘A dear friend or loved one offers you a generous gift. At what point does the monetary value of the gift begin to feel uncomfortable?’ Your answers need to be written in the below document, OLD BELIEF SHEET, on the first page named, Manifesting  Abundance. Fill in all sections A-F. You can write your answers in

3. Examples with Mic Shares   

4. Manifesting Abundance Question 2   

5. Examples with Mic Shares - Star the strongest   

6. Manifesting  Abundance Question 3

7. Examples with Mic Shares


Fill your answers in the Old Belief Sheet on Page 2.

1. Flourishing & Growing Question 1   

2. Examples with Mic Shares   

3. Flourishing & Growing Question 2   

There are no Mic Shares for this Section   

4.  Flourishing & Growing Question 3  

5. Mic Shares  


1. Letting Go of Abundance Question 1  

2. Letting Go of Abundance Question 2

3. Examples with Mic Shares   

4. Letting Go of Abundance Question 3   

4. Examples with Mic Shares   

The below processes will be introduced via a phone call and completed with your coach


Belief Drop Through Process

Belief Drop Through

  1. Uncover a belief in the way of Abundance
  2. Closing eyes
  3. ‘How does this belief make me feel?’  Whisper out loud.
  4. If there were a deeper belief, what might that be?  Whisper out loud.
  5. And an even deeper belief? Whisper out loud
  6. And if there were a foundational belief holding up all the other beliefs, have a mentor/angel pull the rug on that belief now.  
  7. When everything has been removed, what remains?  Whisper out loud.
  8. What’s deeper than this, what’s in the heart of this? Opening and expanding
  9. What’s even deeper than this? Open in the heart of this and expanding
  10. ‘Who are you?’ x 3

The Worst Release & Best Welcome

Fear can prevent abundance manifesting. This worksheet uncovers the hidden fears and thought patterns in the way of abundance and opens into source and the best that can happen.

This sheet is to document your own process

The Abundance Process Sheets

Combining the emotional, physical and belief change processes.

To be filled in at the end of the process

Identify the questions which you were hooked by and test them at the end of the Abundance Process


The Principles of Manifestation

The Manifestation Paperwork

The Emotional Journey is ideal to heal emotional issues, for example anger, fear, sadness, loss, grief, heart-ache and hurt.

The Final Part of The Abundance Process 

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