NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner with Master Hypnosis & Master Breakthrough coach Certification with TIMELINE technology

  • How to teach the skills you’ve learned to others
  • Advanced language patterns – the small differences in communication that make the biggest difference
  • Key motivation strategies – how to eliminate internal blocks to success
  • How to clear negative emotions instantly by changing one or two key components
  • Ways to model top performance in business, sports, health, emotions, and relationships
  • How to negotiate with effectiveness in even the toughest situations
  • How to use language and emotions to help the body heal itself
  • Using body language and rapport skills to become a more dynamic and effective presenter
  • How to align values and beliefs to create more success and happiness in your life and the lives of others
  • How to deepen your intimate relationships by learning and fulfilling your partner’s “love strategy”
  • And much more!