EFT Bangalore

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Bangalore February 2018

Practitioner Certification (Level 1 & 2) Training Seminar

  • February 23rd – 25th 2017 (Fri-Sun)
  • 9.00am – 6.30pm
  • ITC WelcomHotel, 46 Richmond Road, Near Hosmat Hospital, Bengaluru 560025BigButterflyOK











This 3 day EFT Practitioner seminar is for health, happiness & vitality:

  • For self healing and growth as part of personal development program
  • To become a professional and internationally qualified EFT Certified Practitioner

EFT is clinically proven to lower stress, anxiety, tension, depression, physical tension, fears, limitations and blocks. The initial training is 3 days long and and can be as a part of personal development/self healing program or to get qualified as a Practitioner and earn a living by making a difference to other people’s lives.

On the 3 day Intensive course where you will learn how to:

  • Reduce stress, physical tension/pain as well as cravings
  • Get to the root cause of negativity, negative emotions and situations
  • Clear negative events, past hurts, fears and limitations
  • Shift limiting beliefs to move towards what you want
  • Work with adults and children on real life issues

Training can be a part of your personal development/self healing program or to become a qualified Practitioner and earn a living by making a difference to other people’s lives.

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 About the Facilitator
Mridula Nair has successfully qualified as a counsellor as well as on a number of alternate therapies like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting, Bach Flower remedies, NLP and Breakthrough coaching with Time line technology and has been helping people for the last few years. Born into a successful business family she established herself in the travel industry by running her own thriving travel agency for nearly two decades in Bangalore. She was also actively involved in organising the Holistic Health Summit in 2003 for Soukya International Holistic Health Centre, Bangalore and World Congress at Art Of Living International Centre, Bangalore. She has always been of a spiritual bent, so she sold her travel business and followed her beliefs in establishing a new career in the arena of spiritual and holistic healing.
993740_10202588280658276_18197368_nAll the training courses are highly interactive with live demonstrations, practice sessions and experiential learning that means each person will leave knowing the technique inside out and able to use with ease and confidence the very next day. For full details of what will be covered during the 3 days and course curriculum.

jayant pawar“Now that I have learnt EFT and become a Practitioner with Vitality Living College I am getting more clients and earning a living.” Jayant Pawar, Wellness coach, India



Smita Pande


“Enjoyed every moment of the  workshop.” Smita Joshi Holistic Practitioner, Astrology


There are thousands of stories on how attending EFT training has resulted in healing, personal transformation and change. In the case of Vitality Living College founder, Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), she overcame daily migraines and chronic pain in her body after having learnt EFT.

After attending EFT training with Vitality Living College:

  • Sehjal healed her chronic muscle pain (fibromyalgia)
  • Dr Rajesh healed his back pain completely and now he helps his patients to do the same
  • Working mom Daisy helped her son overcome his learning difficulty
  • Professor Amin’s swelling (edema) cleared
  • Michael & Uma overcame their fear of public speaking
  • Nihal and Marie Christie became free from claustrophobia
  • Jayant increased his income through clients
  • Apoorvaa overcome her Thyroid imbalance
  • Emma gave up chocolate cravings and lost weight
  • Avni felt motivated to start a health program and shed 20kg in weight

To learn about these experiences and how attending EFT training with Vitality Living College has helped past delegates overcome their fears, transform and regain their health please visit EFT Reviews.

Learn what thought leaders like Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton & Wayne Dyer feel about EFT and the reason it is regarded as such a powerful technique.

Becoming a certified EFT Practitioner

EFT PractitionerInternationally approved EFT Certified Practitioner is awarded on successful completion of the following within one year of attending training (full details are provided during training):

  • Three days EFT Practitioner training
  • Multiple choice exam, an open book exam conducted on your own
  • Pre-certification 6 hours supervision (included when you participate in the on-line supervision groups. Additional hours can be gained when you review training where supervision hours are included, should attend a supervision day or attend next level EFT training)
  • 50 practice hours of one to one sessions on a minimum of 20 clients – record-of-practice-sessions
  • Submission of a minimum of 12 case studies, each of which are one hour long. Four of the case studies can be on one’s self and the remaining 8 on other people. – case study guidelines
  • Commitment to Continuing professional development and supervision requirements and competition of the CPD and supervision hours log annually, and sign up to Practitioner Code of Conduct and Ethics 

For more information on certification go to EFT Certification.

The full contribution for all 3 days and EFT Practitioner Certification is only Rs 24,500 and includes additional bonuses worth Rs 186,000:

  • 3 days training with a certificate as a Vitality Living College EFT Trainer
  • Over 150 pages of EFT Foundational (Level 1) and Practitioner (Level 2) Manual
  • All Training slides used in class and links to background reading on EFT as well as related meridian therapies
  • Attendance certificate from EFT Trainer and Master Trainer of Trainers Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)
  • Additional 6 hours of training which includes supervision and mentoring at no extra charge, worth Rs 30,000
  • 6 hours of pre-certification supervision online with an EFT Trainer at no extra charge, worth Rs 27,000
  • 12 hours post-course mentoring hours by participation on the on-line momentum groups at no charge, worth Rs 57,000
  • In class practice sessions as well as live demonstrations during the training
  • For those who want to be certified as EFT Practitioner full review and assessment of case studies, multiple choice exam, practice hours log and videos (if required), worth Rs 30,000
  • Free Membership of Vitality Living College Alumni with invitations to on-going re-unions and swap groups, worth Rs 12,000
  • Invitation to repeat the training as a helping volunteer (Assist Team) at a nominal fee, which includes 6 additional supervision hours, worth Rs 30,000
  • Invitation to attend an optional supervision day at only Rs 4500, normally Rs 9000

Special offer: The early bird is Rs 22,500, which is available for a limited time on a first come first served basis.


EFT Level 1 & 2 Three Days Intensive Training Bangalore with Mridula Nair.

Dates: Friday 23rd February – Sunday 25th February 2018

Timings: 9.00 am – 6.30 pm daily

Venue and Address: ITC WelcomeHotel, 46, Richmond Road, Near Hosmat Hospital, Bengaluru 500025

For direction: Call Mohan +91 9741233901

For direction go to Google Map 

Nearest airport: Kempegowda International airport

Nearest Railway Station: Bangalore Cantonement Railway Station

Nearest metro-line train station: Richmond Town Metro station

Nearest bus station: Brigade Road Bus stop

Nearest Landmark: Near Hosmat Hospital

To book onto EFT Practitioner Training in Bangalore submit your registration form to india@vitalitylivingcollege.info.

Payment can be via bank transfer (no charge) or on-line via credit card (plus 4% gateway and admin fees).

The on-line booking link (plus 4%) is: https://www.meraevents.com/event/eft-emotional-freedom-techniques-bangalore-february-2018-with-mridula-nair?ucode=organizer


For more information call/What’s App +919920454749, SMS +919820974625 or e-mail india@vitalitylivingcollege.info.

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