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Emotional Freedom Techniques (Level 1 & 2) Practitioner Training Program

Most people of all ages would appreciate a life full of good health and vitality.

Unfortunately, it happens often that obstacles such as anger, hurt, and fear drag our lives into a downward spiral - unwanted emotions pile up and hinder us from growing to our full potential.

This leads to unfavorable situations at work and in our personal lives, sometimes even manifesting as diseases.

But there is hope. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an alternative therapy method devised specifically to release emotional blocks that hinder individuals from reaching their full potential.

What’s more, this technique has been clinically proven to lower stress, anxiety, tension, and depression to enable health, happiness and vitality.

Deepak ChopraMD, Author                

"EFT has great healing benefit."

Attending an EFT training course with Vitality Living College has resulted in healing, personal transformation, and positive changes in the lives of countless individuals. In addition, those who professionally qualify as Practitioner increase get higher fee-paying client’s as a result of the faster results. The benefits include but are certainly not limited to:

    • Eliminating physical pain - Dr Rajesh CM's back pain disappeared after a 20 mins and one year later he was still pain-free;
    • Weight Loss - After years of trying, Avni Radia's became motivated to stick to a health plan and lost 20 kg in weight;
    • Overcoming illness - Sejal Mehta's 7 month old chronic muscle pain (fibromyalgia) disappeared by Day 2 of the seminar;
    • Stoping cravings - Working mom Emma Voss overcame her chocolate and biscuit cravings and dropped a dress size;
    • Defeating phobias - Marie Christie and Nihal Masarathulla, cured their phobias of closed spaces (claustrophobia);
    • Speaking with ease in public - Michael Sciaraffa and Ashish Piyasi overcame their fear of public speaking;
    • Combating past trauma - Yoga Teacher Sadhana Batouri made peace with her past experiences in Iraq;
    • Letting go of stress and anxiety - Sreekumar Rajagopalan let go of emotional pain and could breathe easily after 28 years;
    • Helping children thrive at school- Psychotherapist Nalini Kannan found that children lose their negative thoughts and beliefs;
    • Parents help their children heal - Davinder Kaur Anand helped her son to overcome a learning difficulty;
    • Increase high fee-paying clients - Corporate Trainer Neeraj Kumar gets faster results with his executive clients;
    • Earn a living as a Practitioner - Jayant Pawar doubled his fee paying client’s as a result of adding EFT to his offering;
    • Therapists get quicker patient results - Psychotherapist Father Leo finds faster results with EFT versus traditional therapy;
Anushri ShahCounseling  Psychologist                 
"EFT is a great therapy in itself. It is quick as it works by balancing the client's energy system. Negative emotions are released much faster and through a safe mechanism, which provides the client much relief in just a couple of sessions. I have been using it with my clients and all of them have found it to be an effective technique; most of them see immediate results. It is highly recommended.”
Dr Rajesh CM Naturapath

"My back pain healed in 20 minutes and was still gone after one year."

Sejal Mehta, Counsellor​​​​

"I no longer have fibromyalgia and had the best night's sleep"

For personal development/self healing and to become professionally qualified as a Certified EFT Practitioner

The initial part of the training is covered over 3 days and you will learn how to achieve health, happiness, and vitality:

  • EFT Level 1
  • EFT LEVEL 2  
  • Reduce stress, physical tensions/pain, and cravings; 
  • Cleanse the mind of negative events, past trauma, fears, and limitations;
  • Work with other adults and children on real-life issues in person and over phone or video;
  • Get to the root cause of the negativity that manifests as detrimental emotions and situations;
  • Shift limiting thoughts to constructive and desirable belief systems that empower positive change;

The EFT Practitioner certification is awarded on successful completion of the following within one year of attending training:

  • The 3-day EFT Practitioner training;
  • An open book multiple-choice exam;
  • 6 hours of pre-certification supervision;
  • 50 practice hours of one-to-one sessions with a minimum of 20 clients;
  • Submission of 12 case studies of minimum one hour each;
  • Commitment to continuing professional development, supervision hours, and code of conduct.

​Following the award of EFT Practitioner certification from a Vitality Living College Certified EFT Trainer, students are eligible to apply to become an AAMET Accredited Practitioner. 6 hours supervision will need to be completed with AAMET accredited Master Trainer of Trainers, Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) and an on-line exam. Additional charges for supervision, the on-line exam and registration on the AAMET site will apply.


After attending training , if you are not satisfied we will provide a no questions asked full refund. We believe in our training and stand by it 100%.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Training seminar, 3 day program from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm

City, Country Dates Day Trainer Early Full Register
Delhi, India 21 -23 July Fri- Sun Dr Shilpa Gupta Rs 22,500 Rs 24,500 Register
Bangalore, India 18 – 20 August Fri- Sun Mridula Nair Rs 22,500 Rs 24,500 Register
Pune, India 8 – 10 Sept Fri- Sun Leena Haldar Rs 22,500 Rs 24,500 Register
Mumbai, India 3-5 November Fri- Sun Leena Haldar Rs 22,500 Rs 24,500 Register

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