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7 Reasons why to choose to become a Breakthrough Coach!

Coaching is a multi-million dollar industry! And more and more people want to hire coaches. In my corporate career, the company I worked for, paid $2000 per month for my personal coach. US born coach, Tony Robbins charges $1 million per year per client. The range per coaching session can vary from $125 to […]

Caution: This Breakthrough in Coaching Will Blow Your Mind

“Faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe.” Mitch Albom Coaching is a multi-million dollar booming industry. It’s one of the fastest growing counseling and mentoring jobs market, with more and more people training every day to become certified to practice this invaluable skill. Coaching is the definition of […]

Secrets of Persuasion – 5 Unique Secrets to Influence

How often do you find your children aren’t hearing you? How many times has discussing projects with your colleagues left you frustrated and disappointed? Don’t you wish it was easier to communicate so that people would listen? The ability to influence others is an invaluable asset. For example, while being the leader of a project […]

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