Tap into your sadness, anger, and let them go  – Indian Express on 29th July 2017Tap Mridula







Dare to be – Book Released on 3rd Aug, 2016

A compelling book with stories of 11  extraordinary women who have dared to turn their dreams into successful ventures with a powerful chapter (An Intensive Journey) wiitten by Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD).












All is in the WellAll is in the Wellnessness, Deccan Chronicle, March 3rd 2016 – More






















Holistic Wellness in the New Age – Book Released on July 7th, 2015

A Comprehensive Guide To NewAge Healing Practices Tools, Techniques & Real Life Stories By Over 45 Accomplished Master Facilitators In the book “Holistic Wellness In The NewAge” we showcase various therapies in the Mind, Body & Soul domain with a chapter written by Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

















Come home to yourself – Complete Well-being – June 2015

Come home to self

Unconditional LOVE

Heal your past to heal yourself, Speaking Tree, Times of India, Feb 8th 2015

Speaking Tree Feb 2015

Choose Wellness over Illness with EFT, Speaking Tree, Times of India

Speaking Tree EFT August 2014 – MoreSpeaking Tree EFT August 2014


Eliminating emotional stress is the best health insurance,Web news, Health, August 7th 2014

Eliminating stress best health insurance - web news

 EFT Tapping away Trauma, Hindu September 2014

EFT Article Hindu Seprember 2014

Living the Dream, Life Positive, April 2014.

Living the dream – from being diagnosed with a serious health condition while working to corporate to self healing and eventually becoming a healer and now a Trainer in the Alternate Therapy and Coaching field giving seminars around the world in health, wellness and peak performance.

Let go and be free, Speaking Tree, Times of India, October 2013

Speaking Tree Close up October 2013Complete Wellbeing Magazine –

Complete Wellbeing 1

Healing and Forgiveness article Times of India, March 1st 2012

Healing and Forgiveness TOI015-05-09 at 06.38.45

Healing and Forgiveness Part 2

Healing and Forgiveness Part 3




























































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