Personal Stories of Healing

These are stories of personal change, healing and transformation that transpired after attending training and resulted in lasting changes

Dileepen healed his foot to run a Marathon for the first time and then starting a coaching business to help others with Abundance Dileepen“I started in 2013 by doing the Journey intensive programme with Rangana, right in the first week! Having never heard or read about it until 10 days prior to the first session, I believe it was a miracle that I was led to following the programme. During my first physical Journey session, a rather debilitating stress injury in my calf muscles and knee cleared up. This allowed me to run my first half marathon within 3 weeks following the session, with practically no practice in the month leading up to it, and with no physical trauma at all, either during, or after, the race. I was able to do this, despite never having run more than 11 km ever before – it was truly a miracle! There were other remarkable things too, e.g. another Journey session helped improve my eyesight significantly. The bigger miracles, though, happened in my life: I was inspired to learn NLP, Hypnotherapy and Breakthrough Coaching, where I discovered my gift for being an effective Coach, and also attended the “Manifest Abundance” retreat with Brandon, where I discovered the abundant reality that I am called upon to manifest, for the benefit of the world. As a result, I was then guided to put together a coaching programme that I call “My Relationship with my Money”, which I have since been offering on a deferred “pay what you want” model, with very satisfactory results for all comers! The larger public sessions, which I have serendipitously been called upon to deliver, have also been immensely popular, and have helped a large number of people to connect with themselves and to start their personal healing journey in this crucial relationship! In the interim, I was guided to quit my high-profile corporate job; having done this, it has been amazing to see higher profile (and higher paying) jobs being attracted to me, almost as if by magic! All this, in less than 5 calendar months since my first Journey session with Rangana! Thank you, Journey, for having started me off on this amazing journey of my life! “ Dileepen Ragunathan, Business Entrepreneur, NLP Practitioner & Breakthrough Coach Shuchi learnt EFT & The Journey and now uses these modalities to help herself and her children stay healthy and happy. Shuchi ChadhaDelhi based mom of two, Shuchi Chadha, learnt EFT and The Journey and now uses both techniques routinely on herself and with her 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter. As a parent she says “I have found EFT and the Journey have really helped me become more aware of myself and I have a method now to easily handle any anger or impatience that I might have with my kids.  I am also more attuned if something is going on for my children as I understand there are emotions behind it and I can catch it quickly. I have used these healing  modalities for physical issues like pain as well as emotional issues. For example, I have used Journey to help my son recover from a swollen lymph node in the throat, which was related to a seemingly innocuous incident of a silver-fish bite on his back. EFT helped clear an incident with one of his teachers, which deeply hurt him and was causing him trauma. With my daughter sometimes it has been general “stuff” like altercations with friends that caused unhappiness or specific issues like getting over fears. EFT successfully cleared a peculiar aversion she had towards touching broken hair and she has no problems whatsoever with touching broken hair now. Both my children know EFT and have internalized the Journey. Not only that i see them use the ‘resources’ they got in their Journey processes in day to day situations!  It gives me a deep sense of reassurance that having the support of these life-skills, will make them better equipped to deal with emotions, fears and situations in life. I know they will use these techniques on their own, should a situation demand. In fact to quote my daughter “we can use this to help ourselves when you are not there and maybe help other kids in school if they need help!” Shuchi Chada, EFT Practitioner & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Reenaa Chandhok went from being depressed and anxious living to miraculous experiences: A Journey of faith and healing Reenaa ChandhokReenaa Chandhok was dealing with a depressed state of being and with no will to live, when she first got an opportunity to do the ‘Journey’ programme with Brandon Bays & Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri in December 2012. Having thus gained some insights into her life, she decided to train with Dr Choudhuri further and completed her certification training in ‘Healing with Conscious Communication’, ‘EFT’, ‘NLP’ and ‘Matrix Reimprinting. “Within a time frame of one year, with the help of these powerful courses, my life underwent a complete transformation. I felt more confident and regained not only my will to live but also to enable transformations in other people’s lives. Today I stand tall as a healer and practitioner of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Breakthrough Coaching and Hypnosis.  I have been able to manifest amazing results and miracles from these empowering techniques, for example my daughter and son’s wedding, dream house and clearing all the blocks to material abundance and happiness. Prior to doing the ‘Journey’, my life was drab and colourless. But now everything seems to be tinged in rainbow colors. In fact, I mustered up the courage to go on a trek for 4 days, which was nothing short of a miracle for someone who had lost all the zest for life. I am truly grateful to Rangana and the Universe at large for facilitating my healing and transformation. The greatest breakthrough for me indeed has been falling in love with myself all over again and it goes without saying that I have not only healed but also that I am happier and feel taller today, literally.” Reenaa Chandok Soul Healing

 rochelle photoRochelle’s story of how she moved from a fear of leaving home to be free to be herself and now to work with her children and clients “In March 2011, I first met Rangana for EFT, Matrix Reimprinting & Journey Work. I had become very desperate for help from the symptoms I had been enduring since I was a very young child. My symptoms had become so overwhelming that they controlled my life and I feared I would end up in a hospital. Shortness of breath, dry mouth, heart racing, dizziness, shakiness, hot and cold flashes, and intense fear, were just a touch of what I had been experiencing, on and off, for over 30 years. The fear, at this point, was so strong, that I became anxious about leaving my home, because I feared experiencing these terrible symptoms while out. I felt unwell for longer periods than I felt well. I came to hate driving and became afraid to drive. Just the mere thought and fear of the episodes happening would bring on my symptoms. So it became my private pain, my inner secret. My loved ones, the people closest to me, had no idea. I felt I couldn’t confide in anyone, for fear that even talking about it would bring upon symptoms. It was tearing me up inside, because I wanted so much to feel free and live my life without this constant fear. So there I was at the age of 39, fed up with the symptoms that had taken over my life. However, in March 2011, I began taking Bach Flower Remedies, which were to ‘hold my hand’ through my entire healing process. Soon after I met Rangana (via Skype). I knew nothing about the healing modalities she practiced, but I was so keen to end this chapter of my life, that as curious and sceptical as I was, I just could do nothing else but trust her. Rangana began to work with me using a combination of EFT, Matrix, and Journey-work. Within a month of working with Rangana, my life began to change. The symptoms began to diminish, and I started to get my life back. While I was undergoing my own healing process with Rangana, I made the decision that it was time for me to take a step in the direction I’ve always wanted, which was to help others. My first move was to study the Bach Flower Remedies. Over the course of that year, I became a practitioner. Through my processes with Rangana, we discovered that my episodes stemmed from me not feeling safe and on solid ground as a child. Throughout my life, different events had triggered these feelings, somehow breaking through whatever else was happening at the time. What I experienced for over 30 years, can be summed up with the following: “Unless we can release our past, it is held in our body cells – it has a relentless effect on our body chemistry, perhaps eventually causing a real health problem. If unresolved emotions or feelings are not cleared, they continue to affect our lives – our relationships, our performance at work, our feelings about ourselves. Most of these unresolved feelings relate to events from when we were young – they can be events that seem trivial when viewed from the adult, rational mind but to our younger selves they might have been traumatic, inducing fear, pain, guilt or low self-esteem that we continue to live with at some level for the rest of our lives.” Caroline Myss, PhD EFT has helped me to release my past . . . After experiencing my own healing, I was in awe of the processes that I had undergone. Instantly, when I read The Journey, I knew that this was the key to helping my own son, 11 at the time. He had been experiencing tics for nearly 2 years. Although he had been under the care of a holistic doctor, it seemed he was no longer responding to the treatments. As a mother, I was at my wits’ end and I felt helpless to help my son. It had been suggested by his doctors that perhaps he needed to seek out Western medicine and be seen by a movement specialist. I wasn’t ready to give up. After reading the Journey, together with receiving EFT/Matrix processes on myself, my faith was restored in knowing that all would be okay. After reading the Journey, I took my son to meet Rangana, and he experienced numerous processes with her. She combined Journey work with EFT, and taught me how to repeat the processes when I was with him on my own. We saw a difference over the course of a few weeks, confirming my inner knowing that what he had been experiencing was emotional, and that these modalities were the key. My confidence within grew as I continued to work with him throughout the year. These modalities were so powerful, that I became determined to learn them myself to help my family, and to help others heal. One year later, I took the courses EFT 1 & 2, and Matrix Reimprinting training with Vitality Living College and Rangana. The experience was very moving and life changing. Never have I experienced such raw and humbling processes. Tapping into my inner child was life changing, and helping others to do the same has been so powerful. I am now currently in the process of working with a client who has amazed me the most: my 7-year-old son. The courage that he has shown, to be able to express himself in this way at such a young age, has been simply amazing. He has been the pickiest eater, from the age of about 2. Recently, he opened up to me as I was putting him to bed. He expressed to me that he was fed up with being the way he is with food. He told me that he’s afraid he’s going to be like this forever, and he doesn’t want to be. He said he wants to change, but trying food is too scary, and so he doesn’t think he can change. At that stage, I told him that I could help him if he was open to doing something ‘a little silly’ and he desperately said he would do anything. On that night, he made a vow to do tapping with me every night, and in just a few days, there were remarkable improvements, as he began to try different foods. I am eternally grateful for these modalities I have learned. They’ve allowed me to see the world in a completely different light. And they have given me the faith and belief that we really do have the power within to heal ourselves.” Rochelle Blitz, Wellness Practitioner

Alva’s story: From pain to purpose

When I asked if I would write a testimonial for Rangana I was overjoyed at the privilege as so rarely do people come along who have the ability, intuition and insight to be able to put things right without psychiatry. I myself am a spiritual advisor and detox consultant, so when things started to go wrong with me.

  1. I could not understand why
  2. I did not know what to do or who to turn to without going to the doctors and I knew what path that would lead me down. Been there, seen it, done it and have the scars to prove it!

I had started to develop a deep rooted fear of depression, abandonment and worthlessness which not only affected my mental state but also my health. I had severe debilitating back-ache, panic attacks about my health and past issues that I understood but was unable to control. Having had a partner for 4 years with HIV I had lived in fear of contracting it even though I had been tested in the past and it was negative. Suddenly I had massive issues that I could be infected and the wait for the repeat tests were unbearable. Then to top it off I had lost my sense of purpose and direction due to my best friend dying in my arms with Leukemia. There was nothing I could do to save her even though I had done everything I could possibly do. I was also in the process of leaving my alcoholic partner who had worn my self-belief down to nothing. Not an easy task to take on I was having a full blown spiritual crisis! When I met Rangana I immediately felt safe and at ease. We did Journey sessions together and I discovered the cause of my fear and abandonment which I had carried for 30 years. As soon as I had connected with the source of my problem not only did my depression lift but I have not had backache since. I discovered a pattern in my behavior and thoughts which were constantly affecting my life. The worthlessness occurred due to over critical remarks and treatment from my father after my mother’s death. Another Journey session and I was put back on track, not only did I get my self-worth back but I was able to understand my father more and was able to forgive both him and myself for our mis-understanding. Then the panic attacks started. After one session of EFT Rangana not only arrested them but took me to the root of the problem. I had lost my mother through cancer, my best friend through leukemia and I had narrowly missed catching HIV. Not only had I felt a failure because I could not save them, I found I had fear of dying myself, which came as a big surprise as I work with the spiritual realm all the time. Another EFT session soon put that right. I felt amazing and grateful for the beautiful life I had been given. With Rangana’s help I worked out my life’s purpose. I cleared away issues that were holding me back and worked out how I could move forward and put my life’s purpose into place. I can now positively say that I have never been happier, healthier and more prosperous. Within two years I now have a wonderful home life. No financial worries and very comfortably off. A successful business: using my own abilities, gifts and talents in abundance. Clients from all the four corners of the world. Many that travel around the world and come to see me. I have found my spirituality and purpose and I know I will not ever look back again. But the best of all there have been no drugs, no psychiatry, no physio – just extremely well applied alternative therapies designed to get to the core of  the problem and most of all unconditional love and understanding of the dearest person in the world – Dr Rangana Choudhuri. Not only did she help me to save myself but she has given me the skills and techniques I require should I ever find myself in a crisis again and a reason to go on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love, light and laughter, Alva L Gilmour, xxx Spiritual Advisor and Detox Consultant