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Reviews from Free Seminars with Leena Haldar


Seminar Feedback Held On 1 July 2017.


I really enjoyed the seminar and way it was conducted along with mass participation, it helped me a lot to relieve stress. Aditya Pradhan Student
Seminar is really calming and helpful to gain confidence to live life without physical and mental stress. Ankush Sharma Physiotherapist
Very effective and quite informative. Drizella D’Souza  Student
Enjoyed the tapping and the relief it gave to everyone. Gauri Tambe
It was a very good experience. Thankyou so much for teaching the basic techniques of this therapy.It will surely make a difference in my life.  Gayatri Gidwani
Stress free,Thinking has changed for good.Had a lovely time. Juie Pitale Working
I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar . It was very informative and was administers very well. An eye opener on how to handle various issues. Kavita Pradhan House wife
It was a novel and feel good experience for me. I would like to attend a few more sessions. Mohua Dhar Homemaker
I will try the techniques. I have learnt here . Thankyou very much for such a frank interactive session. Neha Chopra Homemaker
Seminar was very good and it helped me a lot. Nirmohi Prakash Tamhankar Retired
Thank you for such a wonderful informative seminar. Priti Jindal  Project Manager Digital Marketing
Great seminar ! Great vibes. Tanvi Thakkar Graphic Designer
Really appreciated the fact that you did it free of cost. Vinod Munshi Homemaker
Seems to me to be another mind game to address issues created through our own mind games!None-the -less an int`resting mindfeed for me. Vishwas Desai Self Employed
Very nice and informative seminar. Seema Daryanani Estate Counsaltant
It really works.I think it takes lots of worship to do work.I really want to be there have a good day. Shazia  Siddiqui Housewife
Amazing session .Makes one feel positive and happy about self. Ramachandra Pankajahsha Noutristionist
Thankyou so much. Meena Chattopdhyay
Very well and professionally conducted. Well done Leena Haldar. Rashmi Bose Housewife