Free Seminar Reviews Dr Shilpa Gupta

Reviews from Free Seminars with Dr Shilpa Gupta


Seminar Feedback Held On 1 July 2017.

The whole workshop is really good. It is a great experience. I enjoyed a lot. Ana Saboor Counsellor
I think this technique can help me to get rid of the back log and I would control my concious animal and thought. I am feeling positive. Bharti Ghai Actor
It is work an emotional and physical issues and its works more for broken hearted peoples. Mohammad Suhail Occupational Therapist
Thankyou Dr. Shilpa Gupta for presenting such a convincing seminar. It is undoubtly very powerful technique. Enjoyed working on my craving. Monika Bharadwaj  Self Employed
EFT really works.  Chanchal Gupta
It was good. Rajesh Gahlot IT
Helpful. Sourabh Shah Counsellor and child developmet specialist
Very interactive and like the gratitude part. Ajay Mahipal Counsellor and child developmet specialist
Very interactive. Deepti Mahipal Nutritionist