Manifest Abundance Retreat

Manifest Abundance Retreat India

Friday October 30th – Monday November 2nd 2015

Bangalore, India

Clear silent sabeteurs to Manifest Abundance wellbeing_1

Forever clear the silent saboteurs that have limited you, exposing and freeing your full potential to effortlessly manifest abundance in all areas of your life. Become a magician and part of the co-creative dance of manifestation and live in joyous abundance. The Journey’s Manifest Abundance Retreat takes up where most programs on abundance leave off.  While most courses teach how to put out for what we wish for in life, the question still remains, why does some of it come true and some not? What The Journey’s Manifest Abundance Retreat reveals is a deeper truth. It roots out and clears the ‘silent saboteurs’ that quietly undermine so many of our dreams and desires. Man with hands in airAnd now is the chance of your lifetime to completely finish with all of these and go through a deep spring-clean of all the self-denying patterns that lie buried deep inside us all – the negative beliefs, the low self-esteem and self worth, the fears, the ‘not-good-enoughs’, the ‘I’ll-nevers’ –all the issues that have held us back on so many levels in life . Whether we recognize them or not, we all run these patterns, and at the Manifest Abundance Retreat you’ll unearth these, clear them out and finish with them, so you are free to welcome in all the abundance the universe has to offer .

Warning: Abundance grads often manifest their desires and prayers quickly – so be careful what you ask for!

If you want more out of life, more out of your career, more open creativity, more fulfillment, more self expression, more out of your relationships and family life, then this is the weekend to come to. It’s a nurturing and joyous residential retreat that will leave you soaring in the fulfillment of true abundance.


At this, our most joyous residential retreat, you’ll:
  • Uncover and expose the limiting patterns , the silent saboteurs that have stifled and blocked your potential.
  • Spend an entire day in process , in a massive and comprehensive house-clearing, as you set yourself free from all the silent saboteurs and blocks.
  • Experience a resounding Freedom  that opens you into the creative genius inside.
  • From Freedom discover your heart’s deepest desire  for you, as you ‘vision quest’ a brand new life.
  • Brainstorm with others a dynamic action plan  with practical ways to allow abundance to flourish in your life.
  • Leave soaring in your true potential , ready to magnetize abundance into all areas of your life; health, creativity, financial wellbeing and relationships.
  • Discover the secret of how to be a magician , part of the wondrous and magical co-creative dance of manifestation, and continue to create abundance ongoingly in your life.

Residential program: Includes 3 nights accommodation and facilities on a shared basis and all vegetarian meals in a rural location with yoga and back to nature environment. It is a very simple and humble environment with basic bedrooms embraced in nature and organic living. This program is for Journey Grads only, you have to have completed Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills.

This program is for Journey Grads only, you have to have completed Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills.

The Manifest Abundance Retreat includes and the investment for all days is Rs 45000:

  • 3 nights accommodation on a shared basis at a basic and natural eco friendly healing camp. It is a very humble ashram like atmosphere filled with a lot of love. The bedrooms are shared with your own bed and shared bathrooms.
  • All vegetarian meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner with refreshments
  • 3 days immersed in powerful process work to clear silent saboteurs, deep rooted fears and limitations to manifesting wealth in life, career, finances, relationships, spirituality and health
  • Manifesting abundance process sheets
  • Processes to clear hidden beliefs, fears and limitations
  • Transformative vision questing
  • Dynamic action planning
  • Daily morning yoga and silent walks amongst nature

The Early bird is Rs 35000 for all 3 nights and the MANIFEST ABUNDANCE RETREAT and available till September 30th. 

Places will go on a first come first served basis as there is limited accommodation.

Manifest Abundance Retreat India Summary

School of Ancient WisdomProgram: Manifest Abundance Retreat Bangalore with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

Dates: Friday 30th October – Monday 2nd November 2015

Timings: Arrival after 1pm and especially for those who want lunch which is till 2pm and arrival is no later than 3pm for an on-time seminar start on Friday and departure is after breakfast on Monday

Venue and Address: The School of Ancient Wisdom, near Bangalore airport, Kannamangla, I.V.C. Road, Devanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka – 562110


For directions go to Google maps

The closest landmarks, airports and stations are:

  • Nearest airport: Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport (from the airport take a Meru Cab or Pre-paid taxi from the airport)
  • Nearest main-line train station: Bangalore City Railway Station
  • Nearest local train station: Devanahalli Train Station, from Bangalore City Junction
  • Nearest metro station: Yeshwantpur Industry Metro Rail Station
  • Nearest bus station: Yeshwantpur Bus Station

The venue is 15 minutes from Bangalore International Airport by car or taxi and one hour from the Bangalore Train station in the centre of town.

To book right away please e-mail or call +919920454749 or book on-line on the link below:

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After attending The Journey Manifest Abundance Retreat:

Annette saves herself $5000 and a surgical operation with The Journey, goes back the next time and manifests a car for herself and her husband – both!

Annette Cliffe“I came to The Journey through reading the book, The Journey by Brandon Bays. I had a torn ligament and the surgeon advised me to take 4 months off work with a $5000 operation. In that moment, I remembered the book. I went to see a Practitioner, had a designer Journey process and felt the ligament tighten. I went home and slept all afternoon until next morning. Then, I went back to the surgeon and had an MRI. The tendon was not only healed but also there was no calcification, which had been there for 10 years. Soon, I went to the Journey Intensive and the Manifest Abundance Retreat as I wanted a more powerful car. After the Manifest Abundance Retreat, both me and my husband ended up with a car – each! I decided I wanted to be a practitioner, no matter what the expense as this was my calling and my “juice”, even though everyone else I knew to be of my age had retired! I had thought that I would never come to India, yet here I am, doing No Ego and Healing with Conscious Communication. I have made not only one but three trips to India. I Love India, the people, the sight, the sounds, activity – so much to learn and absorb.” Annette Cliffe, Australia


After 20 years, The Journey gave me back my hearing! Neeta Gupta Jain

“Over 20 years ago, I had an accident where I fell on my ear. I had lost all hearing function from my left ear after it bled profusely. About 3 weeks ago, I attended the Journey Manifest Abundance Seminar. After the retreat, on the fight back to Delhi, I suddenly realised that I was able to hear my iPod through my left ear. I deliberated and tested it for about three to four weeks, before I contacted my lecturer, Rangana, to let her know the good news and express my gratitude to the Journey and the founder, Brandon Bays.”  Nita Gupta, Delhi, India


Dileepen healed his foot to run a Marathon for the first time and then his eyesight improved then starting a coaching business to help others with Abundance

Dileepen“I started in 2013 by doing the Journey intensive programme with Rangana, right in the first week! Having never heard or read about it until 10 days prior to the first session, I believe it was a miracle that I was led to following the programme. During my first physical Journey session, a rather debilitating stress injury in my calf muscles and knee cleared up. This allowed me to run my first half marathon within 3 weeks following the session, with practically no practice in the month leading up to it, and with no physical trauma at all, either during, or after, the race. I was able to do this, despite never having run more than 11 km ever before – it was truly a miracle! There were other remarkable things too, e.g. another Journey session helped improve my eyesight significantly. I also attended the “Manifest Abundance” retreat with Brandon, where I discovered the abundant reality that I am called upon to manifest, for the benefit of the world. Thank you, Journey and Rangana, for having started me off on this amazing journey of my life!” Dileepen Ragunathan, Business Entrepreneur, NLP Practitioner & Breakthrough Coach

What others had to say who attended the program…

My Whole Life is So Much More Effortless and Joyful

“The prayers and intentions that I put out for seemed to just pop into my life quite miraculously after the Manifesting Abundance event, but that wasn’t even the most powerful part! The greatest gift that I’ve received from the event is a whole new way of living, and being – by utilizing the power of manifestation and intention my whole life is so much more effortless and joyful.” Ashley

The Most Powerful Seminar I’ve Ever Attended

“The most powerful seminar I’ve ever attended certainly in terms of clearing issues and of allowing abundance to flow in and out (and back in, back out…) of my life! I’m really looking forward to what manifests in the next days, months and future. I recommend this to everyone.” Emanuela

My ‘Manifestation List’ Came True Within One Year!

“Everything I put on my ‘manifestation list’ during the retreat came true within one year! And these were not small things! I moved into my own house and manifested my husband in that time. Such a blessing and so grateful!” Claire T