Journey Seminars

Journey Seminars for cellular healing, freedom and awakening

Experience transformative healing and spiritual realisation

The Journey is a method of cellular healing, self realisation and awakening with astounding results and transformations reported in the media as well as through personal stories.

The process was developed by mind body spirit pioneer Brandon Bays to heal herself from a football sized tumour. Since millions have read the international best seller book The Journey and tens of thousands experienced healing and transformation.


The best way to get introduced to the Journey is to either:

How The Journey Can Help? 

There are 5 main Journey seminars world-wide:

1. Journey Intensive with Advanced skills – 3 Days

The first 2 days is known as The Journey Intensive and the foundational course for all Journeywork. The Journey Intensive is a pre-requisite to all Journey advanced level workshops and retreats. The third day is a dynamic, inspiring day, jam-packed with countless advanced skills, powerful tools and process work that accelerate healing.

Journey Intensive

The Advanced Skills Workshop

2. Healing with conscious communication

A 2½ day weekend filled with powerful, dynamic process work that will open your heart, transforming your ability to communicate consciously.

Healing with Conscious Communication

3. Manifest Abundance

Forever clear the silent saboteurs that have limited you, exposing and freeing your full potential to effortlessly manifest abundance in all areas of your life. Become a magician.

4. The NO Ego Retreat

Seven days of blazing in the fire of truth deconstructing the scaffolding of your false identity, your ego, ultimately exposing the enlightened freedom of your true self.

5. Life Transformation week to get onto the Practitioner track as well

Go from student to master, from beginner to magician, as you dive into the in-depth work and become a living expression of Grace, catalyzing healing on every level for yourself and with everyone you touch.

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