Free Introduction to EFT

Congratulations on attending your Introduction to EFT

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Finger holds for Relaxation

During our time together I also shared the finger holds with you. This is based on a Japanese Ancient medicine known as Jin Shin Jhytsu.

Hold the fingers one by one and keep breathing noticing yourself coming into stillness and just this moment. Breathe in for 6 and breathe out for 6.

A great way to remember which finger has which emotion is CLEAR Worry FAST. Thumb = Worry (sucking the thumb as a child), F-Fear, A-Anger, S-Sadness & T-Trying Too Hard. Then place the palm on palm to harmonise despondency. Breathe in and out 9 times and hold for 20 minutes to open into the Ocean of Bliss.

Repeat daily as part of a self help stress relief and relaxation routine.

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Your next step is to:

1. Use the tapping process as part of a daily self help process
2. To learn more attend an EFT workshop – latest schedule can be found on –¬†Book me.
3. Let your friends and family know about the Free booklet so that they may also benefit

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