Assist Team Briefing – EFT

Assist Team Briefing – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

I am delighted to confirm your place on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Level 1 & 2 as a member of the Assist team. Your place has been confirmed with the venue.

It is such a blessing to have you serve as an Assist team member and learn, grow and evolve together. I feel deeply moved by your willingness and love to join me in creating the healing embrace during the seminar.

At any event there are internal Staff roles and volunteer Assist team roles.

There are various different staff roles at the event:

  • Trainer: This is the main person who will be facilitating the seminar, also known as the Vitality Living College EFT Trainer
  • Event Co-ordinator: This is the in-house Vitality living College co-ordinator who has been the main point of contact for all the delegates and assist team members. Is responsible for co-ordinating with the trainer that the check-list for the event and help as required/possible with registration, printing, set up and pack up.
  • Head Trainer: This is the person who is in charge of over-seeing the event inside and outside of the room and c-oordinates  with the Trainer, Sound and Logistics to ensure smooth running of the seminar as well as  the various teams outlines below.
  • Head Sound: All AV, equipment, projector and sound system requirements in the room, including set up and pack up as well as facilitating the sound requirements during the event co-ordinating with trainer, head trainer and logistics on timings. Co-ordinating any updates to syntax and running order.
  • Head Logistics: Co-ordinating with the head trainer, sound team and venue on AV, sound and equipment required as required, venue cleanliness, seminar timings and smooth delivery of all meals and refreshments as well as all signage is clearly annotated so that delegates can find the meeting room easily.
  • Head Registration: Overseeing registration team and participating in collection of payment. Taking registration for next level courses. Collecting feedback forms and comments sheets at the end of the seminar and sending pictures of comments sheets to the in-house team for typing.
  • In Room Logistics (For smaller events this is the Trainer or Head Trainer) – Co-ordinating with the sound, head trainer and trainer. Stage Manages larger events. Get the syntax and briefing notes updated as required. Ensures the manuals and all printed material are placed out on time, co-ordianting with embrace.
  • Seminar Leader (For larger Events): This is the person who is in-charge of every-thing to do with the seminar and many times is the Trainer
  • PA for Trainer: For bigger events, taking care of the nutritional and rest requirements of the Trainer.

As an Assist team member you will be involved with any of the following teams:

  • Registration – Welcoming and registering delegates as well as taking registration information and payment, if required. Collecting badges at the end of the day and putting out water for the delegates in the morning with their names. Putting out next level course information and free booklets for delegates to take.
  • Embrace – Being the bridge between the outside of the room and the inside of the room. Responsible for creating the embrace from the back of the room and getting delegates back in the after breaks and seating delegates before the Seminar begins. During set-up will set up the chairs and place any printed material as required out.
  • Sacred Space – responsible for the environment in the room, clearing the room, ensuring the stage is set up with flowers and refreshed in-between breaks. On the last day has the flip chart set up with next steps information.
  • Emotional Support – Emotionally supporting delegates with EFT and overseeing practice sessions
  • Sharing Circles – Holding the space for the sharing circles and listening deeply
  • Product Team – If there is product available for sale at the event.
  • Photos/Video – Taking photos and or videos and providing to Event Co-ordinator to  post on social media and website. Including group photos of all attendees and assist team on the last day.
  • Mic Runner – Suavely nominated by the trainer or Head Trainer. Has the mic in hand for shares for the audience. Will need to be briefed fully prior to the event and practice.
  • Scribe – Usually nominated by Trainer or Head Trainer to scribe the shares in the front of the room. Will need to be briefed fully prior to the event and practice.

We will start daily at 7.15 am with a private session for Assist team members only. Initially we will set up the room and then come together for a briefing, meditation and tapping. Daily we will finish one hour after the event closes and on the last day, 1.5 hours after the event closes. Many hans make light work and would appreciate your

On day 1 I will ask you for your objectives, intentions or goals for the 3 days and set the intention for the Seminar. Joining as an Assist team member is a commitment for all 3 days and as you have booked now your place has been confirmed with the venue.

In this document are summarised more details on DAILY TEAM ROLES EFT. Please become familiar before attending the Seminar. 

In closing, I am grateful for your willingness to be part of the Seminar as a member of the Assist team and together making a difference to enable health, happiness and vitality.