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I saved myself from a surgical operation and $5000 with The Journey

Our mind is a miraculous tool for healing any illnesses. Be it physical or mental illness, everything can be healed naturally with the power of our mind. All you need to do is understand the mind to start the healing process. Who wants to visit the doctor and undergo a long painful treatment? Instead igniting […]

After 20 years, The Journey gave me back my hearing!

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over 360 million people worldwide suffer from disabling hearing loss, that equates to 5% of the population (1). While this might seem like a low percentage, this number is expected to rise to more than 900 million by 2024 (2). Business owner and healer, Nita Jain, ended up […]

The healing power of real forgiveness and the deadly impact of unforgiveness

“Forgiveness releases you completely from the story of the pain and allows you to move forward in freedom in your life.” Brandon Bays As a young girl, I was playing in the garden of my family’s home in Delhi. My older cousin sister and I got into an argument over a toy. Our fight escalated […]