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How to solve any problem in 7 effective steps

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein How often are we all reminded that “Life is not a bed of roses”. My young mind had almost believed it too. I presumed that life could never be perfect. And there is no point trying to […]

I found clarity of thought and purpose with Breakthrough Coaching and NLP!

“Imagine how easy your life will be when you are able to make all decisions with clarity and freedom from fear.” – Lulu Mares Sometimes, we’re so caught up in living that we don’t stop to ask ourselves what we really want. Or, the truth is we simply don’t know what we really want. We […]

I am no longer haunted by my past, EFT set me free!

How often has a memory or something you’ve seen, triggered an emotion of anger or pain, or even depression? It’s from early as childhood that memories both positive and negative start getting stored in the psyche.  A painful memory can emerge at any time, when you are reminded of it based on a current situation. For […]