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EFT is a tapping techniques that involves tapping on accupressure points while saying statements out loud.

I conquered my chocolate cravings on Day 1 of EFT Training

Ever wondered why you get that insatiable urge to have a Belgian dark chocolate cake in the middle of nowhere on a regular day? One moment, you’re simply sitting and working in your office after lunch, the next, you find yourself ensnarled with desires. Before you even realize you’re standing next to the refrigerator, binging […]

I am no longer haunted by my past, EFT set me free!

How often has a memory or something you’ve seen, triggered an emotion of anger or pain, or even depression? It’s from early as childhood that memories both positive and negative start getting stored in the psyche.  A painful memory can emerge at any time, when you are reminded of it based on a current situation. For […]

My age old back pain healed in one sitting and now I help others

Have you ever had back pain? Infact lower back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide and the second most frequent reason to visit the doctor, just behind cough and cold symptoms (1). In many cases back pain can have an emotional root cause. Some examples of emotional root causes include: Lack of self-esteem […]

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