Personal Development, Well-Being and Spiritual Growth Seminars and Trainings with International Certification

Leap-of-faithManifest real and rapid breakthroughs

Attend seminars to learn and master skills to create real and rapid transformations in your life, health, relationships, money, career and spirituality manifesting vitality, happiness, confidence and peace.

iStock_000021650197MediumMake a difference to others and earn a living

Get internationally certified to help others and earn a living by facilitating one to one sessions with EFT, NLP, Timeline, Hypnosis, the Journey & Breakthrough Coaching.

Matrix LONDON July 2012Develop continually and be the best you

Become a member of an international community with on-going mentoring, re-unions, on-line support as well business building support for coaches and practitioners to be the best you can be.